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Ayurvedic massages borrow from the principles of Ayurveda to create a unique experience that focuses on relaxation, stress relief and releasing emotional blockages.

Ayurvedic Massage is based on ancient Indian principles of Ayurveda and pressure points, designed to heal the body and create a balance between mind, body, and spirit.
Ayurvedic massage is a customized treatment incorporating essential oils, typically herbal-infused, with time-honored and non-traditional strokes and kneading that suit each individuals needs.

Abhyanga ("oil massage") is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with dosha-specific warm herb infused oils. The oil is usually pre-mixed with herbs for specific conditions. ... Abhyanga may be performed by one or more therapists working in sync, but it can also be done by oneself.



         Types of Ayurvedic Massage(Abhyaga)

  • Sarvanga Abhyanga Fullbody ayuvedic massage
  • Shiro Abhyanga Ayurvedic Head Massage
  • Pad Abhyanga Ayurvedi foot Massage
  • Marma Massage Ayurvedic preasue point massage
  • Kerala foot massage A south indian body massage using feet
  • Postnatal Ayurvedic massage Vata-pacifying massage for New moms
  • Ayurvedic New born Massage Oil massage for new babies


         Benefits of Indian Head Massage

  • Improve Circulation
  • Promotes relaxation and wellbeing
  • Relieves Tension
  • Helps ease depression and anxiety
  • Improve Concentration
  • Relief from Headache and Migraines
  • Eases eye strain
  • Improves sleep